What We Do – Introduction

South East Excellence acts primarily as a focal point for the regional knowledge and skills base. We want to create a virtual network across all disciplines so that experience and best practice are shared. Through a network, we can help to:

  • Expand the knowledge and skills base
    Share experience, support lifelong learning and provide targeted advice.
  • Establish strong, cross disciplinary learning networks
    Create networks to share information and good practice.
  • Promote pride in places
    Build pride and aspiration by exchanging experience and best practice, and encourage others to emulate it.
  • Excite young people
    Inspire young people to be involved in the environment in which they live and work, and encourage them to think about changing it.

Go to our video resources page to view the South East Excellence video, which contains key industry practioners commenting on the importance of establishing a Regional Centre of Excellence in the South East.